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Uber Air Taxi, a future of flying taxi

Uber a ride-hailing company has showcased it’s Hyundai SA-1 air taxi with the collaboration of Uber with Hyundai. This amazing air taxi will change the whole transportation system.

The concept of SA-1 is very futuristic like a sci-fi Hollywood movie.SA-1 model has unveiled in CES 2020 at Las Vegas.

CES is a consumer electric shows and CES is the best platform for showcasing latest and greatest technology.

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SA-1 air taxi is an electric vehicle. A concept of a uber air taxi is providing short urban journeys with the help of this innovative air taxi.

The design of SA-1 air taxi is like a mixture of helicopter and aeroplane. Initially, SA-1 is capable of carrying up to 4 people with a pilot but in future, this amazing air taxi will operate without a pilot.

This air taxi can cruise at speeds up to 290 km/h and fly 97 km at a time.

In case of emergency SA-1 flying taxi has a facility of parachutes for a safe landing.

The best thing about this air taxi is that it will be not costly for a ride-hailer and convenient for the urban dwellers.

The Hyundai S-A1 air taxi sounds very low as compared to a conventional helicopter.

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S-A1 taxi will be available by 2023 and you can see a uber flying taxi in Dubai Expo 2020. Dubai expo 2020 will be the world largest expo in the history of world expo and maybe you can take a ride of this flying taxi.

Now uber is working on convening and completing legal formality with a federal and local policymaker.

This flying taxi will be based on the VTOL or verticle takeoff and landing that helps ride-hailer for taking rides from conveniently located skyports.

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Skyports is like a helipad it will be built on the top of the building or at a convenient place.

Uber has shortlisted 5 countries to launch its flying taxi in next 5 year India, Japan, Brazil, Australia and France.

Firstly uber is going to launch air taxis in Dallas and Los Angeles by 2023.

As we know uber is a world’s largest ride-hailing company and now uber is working on lot’s of innovative technology to make ride a simple, fast and convenient for the people.

Uber also showcased its design of PBV a car or it will be operated either autonomous or by a person. This subtle vehicle helps people to carry at the skyports from your destination.

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All the things will be based on the uber app. You can book your ride of S-A1 or PVB with the help of the Uber app.

A flying taxi will have changed our future of vehicle experience and the best thing is that it will be affordable for people.

Uber is now working on a new-new technology that makes ride-hailing very convenient and fast for us.

This Flying taxi and PVB vehicle will be operated with electric it will help to protect our climate.

In the end, this is a very amazing and perfect concept for ride-hailing and easy to fly from one place to another.

Hopefully, we will take a ride of this innovative air taxi very soon.

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