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Top 10 inspiring movies for entrepreneur, MBA students and for everyone

Are you a belongs to the business field or you are Businessman, Entrepreneur, MBA student or belongs to any field, if you really want to become successful in life.

here I am going to tell you about the top 10 movies that can change your way of perception and helps you to achieve your goals and dream.

10.Becoming Warren Buffett

This documentary film based on the world’s 3rd richest person Mr Warren Buffett.

The secret behind his success you can see in Becoming Warren Buffet.

He is the world’s top and one of the history’s most brilliant entrepreneur.

He bought his first stock in his childhood at the age of 12 years and this boy filled tax return in his age of 13 years.

Warren Buffett started selling stocks in his early adulthood at the age of 20.

He was very ambitious for his goals and Warren Buffett also sold the Newspaper, Bubble Gum and Soda pop at door to door when he was a youngster.

You should watch this documentary film because this movie will inspire you to achieve your goals and how to handle up and downs in business.

you can learn gratitude from Mr.Warren Buffet because he is down to earth person.

also, You can learn how this multimillionaire man overcome from a profound fear of public speaking and his academic records.

You should watch Mr Warren Buffett documentary film and this film will inspire you to become a successful person in your field.

9.The Founder

As we know Mcdonald is on the top of the world’s second fast-food restaurant. This movie is based on Ray Kroc biography and his company Mcdonald’s success story.

Ray Kroc is not a founder of Mcdonald’s but he is a man behind the success of Mcdonald’s. He joined Mcdonald’s and built it into the most successful fast-food service in the world.

The Founder movie is very inspiring to each and every entrepreneur along with business student because of this movie you can learn how can you sort problems in your business to achieve your business goals.

Ray Kroc is a man who globalised Mcdonald even he is a man who has given suggestion to McDonald owner  Richard and Maurice McDonald to expand their business.

Mcdonald was founded by Richard and Maurice Mcdonald in California, the United States in 1940. Ray Kroc was a first man who signed an agreement with Richard and Maurice Mcdonald for taking McDonald’s franchisee.

Ray Kroc set up Mcdonald franchise in Des Plaines, Illinois on 15 April 1955. He gave his full efforts, as a result, his restaurant given a tremendous response. This is only possible by Good Service, Less Price and Faster Delivery.

If you want to learn how can you face challenges in difficult situations and how to grow franchisee or your business this movie will really really inspire you and give an inspiring path to achieve your business and life goals as well as.

8. The Godfather

The Godfather is a crime drama film and today this movie is rated 9.2/10 in IMBD rating. This movie is based on “The Godfather” novel written by Mario Puzo.

There are lot’s of things for Entrepreneur and business students to learn from this amazing movie, for instance

1. When should you loyal in your business and life.

2. A skill to knowing who to trust

3. The technique of knowing tour clientele and your product as well as your service is given to your clientele.

4. How to leading wisely, boldly, steadily and smartly as well as.

5. You can learn how to recruit a trusted advisor in your business.

6. As we all know communication is a key factor behind every successful business and ladies and gentlemen this movie teach you how to use subtle communication to prosper your business.

7. Good Father teaches you to give favour to build a strong relationship with your colleagues and customer.

8. The list is so long to describe this movie inspiration that helps you to build your business empire you should definitely watch this movie at least at a once in your life, as a result, it will give you lots of skills and techniques to grow your business at the top.

7. Office Space

Office space is the best movie for entrepreneurs because it will help entrepreneurs and bosses to identify their own mistakes in dealing with their employees.

This is a movie also relates employees struggle life, for instance, getting up early in the morning for office, sometimes get stuck in bumper to bumper traffic, fear to canned by the boss, late-night work and handle several bosses at one project.

If you are a boss and entrepreneur this movie helps you to make your employee feel better in his small cubical along with making their life happy and motivated towards your company’s goals.

Although Office Space is a great movie along with entertaining you can get some business lessons from this movie:

1. It will help you how to make sure your employee has a good quality resource that helps to make easy peasy for him to achieve their and the company’s goal.

2. Office space teaches you to the best work environment for your employees and avoids to allot small cubicle to individual and use open workspace for better productivity.

3. This movie teaches you that a hierarchy of communication from the lower level to the upper level can be kept your employee in the dark so it should make sure your employee can communicate face to face or even email basis to their upper-level management without any conflict.

6. Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened

As we all know that Digital platform is the best for marketing as a result traditional. This is the best film on Netflix’s for an entrepreneur.

This film documented the efforts of Billy McFarland who is an entrepreneur and wants to organise a music festival in the Bahamas in 2017.

This man used the power of Digital Marketing and tweets by the supermodels and other famous celebrity to generate organic traffic as well as excitement.

He sold a huge number of tickets for the event. Here I should not reveal the end here I think you should watch this movie.

This movie gives you many marketing lessons for instances you can learn from Billy McFarland to sell anything to anyone if you are hiring advisor so lesson them and analyse, take responsibility for your mistake, social media is the best way for marketing your product and services as well as you can learn more business lesson and life lesson respectively.

5.The Wolf Of Wall Street

This movie is an all-time favourite of most of the businessman and this movie was a blockbuster.

Jordan Belfort is the main character in the wolf of wall street and the best thing is that this movie is true along extravagant, wild and lots of fun.

This movie teaches you how you can succeed. This movie teaches you lots of lessons for instances,

1. An employee is a key to success for your business goals and being good friends with your employee you can fulfil their personal and business goals as well as.

2. You can learn work ethics from this movie.

Jordon Belfort gave chances to every failure because he believes this type of people will work great for him because they know what is a failure and their mistakes.

3. Informal work culture helps to more productivity and efficiency of work as well as.

4. Where you should take your leg behind to avoid loss in your business

5. The wolf of wall street is the best movies you should watch this movie definitely you will inspire by this blockbuster movie.

4.Flash of Genious

Flash of Genious is a movie based on the true story of Dr Robert W. Kearns who invented the windshield wiper. The story behind inventing windshield wiper I will not tell here you should watch a movie.

Dr Robert W. Kearns was a college professor, husband of a beautiful lady and Inventor.

He was a great man who designed an artificial aortic heart valve but do you know he was an engineering professor, his design saves ten of thousands of lives.

This movie teaches you everything is possible if you are consistently giving your full efforts to your goals.

The Flash Of Genious will teach you how you can expand your business with a lack of resources.

Honesty is a key factor for every business Dr Robert W. Kearns life will show you how honesty can make you and your business goodwill.

3.Pirates of Silicon Valley

Pirates of Silicon Valley is a television biographical drama film made in America. If you belong to the technological field you must watch this fantastic movie.

This movie documents the revolution in the computer industry by Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. It is a story of rags to riches of two prominent technopreneurs.

You can learn a lot of business lessons from The Pirates of Silicon Valley.

1. Pirates of Silicon Valley helps you to futuristic your business because a big company can make major mistakes so always think one leg ahead of your strategies.

2. Dedication is very necessary if you want to do something unique in this world so always think for uniqueness in your business and services and concentrate on the need of your customer.

3. If you are a big entrepreneur you must have an ego but make sure it shouldn’t curb others perception and not in the way to demolishing.

4. Competition is a key factor for every new startup or for a big company so always be competitive and always get in touch with your competitor strategies.

5. Passion is very important behind your success and happy life so always follow your passion. It can change your and many other peoples life.

6. Capital is a key factor to run your business so always focus on your balance sheet and avoid unnecessary liability to the better future of your business.

Apart from this, you can get lots of business lessons from this you should watch this movie it will inspire you to believe me. is the best movie that document failure of many internet based company and especially along with IPO in 90s startup, investment, failure, bankrupt and many up and downs.

This movie is also famous for bubble where the investor blindly investing in an internet-based company, for instance,,, or more than hundreds of company.

This movie gives you lot’s of business lessons that help you to build your business empire:-

1. A relationship is a key factor with investors because every investor and your top management should have an acknowledgement of what is a plan of your business.

2. Each and every new startup and business based on trust environment and open line for communication for all who is related to your business.

3. The team is very crucial for business success give each and every team member right to speak their opinion.

4. Market research is very necessary if you are investing your time, money and energy for your business and investment in other new startup or maybe in a big company. is the best movie for every entrepreneur, you should watch it will help you to understand what was a Dotcom bubble and the importance of market research.

1. The Social Network

The Social Network is based on Mark Zuckerberg struggle life. Today most of the people know about him. He is the man who creates a great social media platform Facebook.

His life is very inspiring for every human being through his dedication to doing something new and as soon as possible.

Here are some business and life lessons for us:

1. If you want to do something big in your life and business you have to focus on what are you learning now for your goals.

2. With your proper plan,  strategy, dedication toward your work can change your and your business life in one blink only you have to make patience and continuously execute your vision towards your business success.

3. Word of mouth is the strongest factor in marketing focus on your product and services that customer do mouth publicity.

4. First, your business motto should provide more value to the customer in less revenue, for instance, Facebook can run ads in a very early stage but Mark denied and say we should first provide more content.

5. If you have a good product and services money will find you. You don’t need to do hustling for investment.

I hope this article will give you a value and motivate you to watch this top 10 movie for becoming a successful entrepreneur that helps you and your business for achieving business and personal goals.

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I am Shivam Sharma, an Indian-based digital marketer and blogger for the last 5 year. I always love to share my deep-researched knowledge with people.

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