Have you seen this amazing keeback?

Have you seen this amazing keeback?

As we know this is an era of technology and day by day technology is making our life simple, easy and safe. This smart keeback is also an example of technology.

Many of you have seen different types of the backpack in many Hollywood and sci-fi movie but now you can see and use it not in the reel life but in a real life.

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This amazing futuristic digital keeback designed by Steel Drake.

This keeback is very dynamic as a comparison to other back that gives you lots of features that needed when you are travelling in the city or somewhere else.

This keeback is very dynamic and interesting for your stuff safe while you are going somewhere else as well as it gives you entertainment and many more. 

Keeback is best for you to keep safe and it can highly visible even in you are in dark night. It’s dynamic style, unique feature and you can turn this backpack into your personal brand as well as.

smart back keeback
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 If you want to express your emotion so this amazing or fantastic keeback will help you to show your emotion through emojis and text on the bag display.

If you want to display emojis and text on keeback display so it also gives you to project emojis and text in the landscape as well as in portrait mode. 

You can also display different animation on keeback display.

The display of this unique digital backpack is built of RGB (Red, Green, Blue) and keeback also gives you 1044 pixels of display for animation, music, text, spectrometer and many more feature that always make your back different from other.

Keeback backpack also best for kids because it has an inbuilt GPS system that helps parent’s to see the location of their child.

Best Features of futuristic keeback 

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  1. It is the best quality plastic shaped backpack.

2.A futuristic aesthetic design concept that makes keeback unique from another backpack as well as it can be part of your style and helps in personal branding.

3. It is made of scratchproof and long-lasting plastic material.

smart bag backpack
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4. It gives you flexible RGB display with 1044 pixels for animation, emojis, text, music, spectrometer and many more.

5.If you are a music lover and always loves to listen to music while you are going somewhere else so this is giving you saturated sound with deep bass

and 10W super inbuilt speaker as well as a super light system that make you music listening experience awesome.

6. It gives you 13600 mAh batteries capacity for charging your mobile, listen to music and many more.

7. You can charge very fast this keeback and easy ON and OFF rubber cap at the top and easily you can change animation and text.

8. Now, you don’t need to carry power bank because this futuristic bag gives you 2x 

10. USB outside to charge your mobile phone easily.

keeback smart bag
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11. If you are boring to using same back colour for a long time so here keeback gives you changeable shells and strap kit.

You change it easily, at the time of launching only four colours will be available: White, Black, Transparent and Grey.

12. It has an 8+L capacity inside you can easily put your laptop, documents, clothes and many more.

13. The latch mechanism for open and close to backpack is very effortlessly and it also comes with durable anti-theft fasteners.

14. The best thing is that you can track your keeback. It includes a GPS system you can track here on your mobile phone easily.

15. This keeback backpack is very durable its colour can not be fade and it can be stand-in UV rays also.

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