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HiBed, Smart Bed that can change your sleeping experience

As we all know our livelihood is depending on technology day by day.

Here, I am going to present a smart bed that help’s you to give an amazing experience of sleeping.

HiBed Smart Bed is an innovation in Italy that can help you to sleep better and be more productive.

Hi-interior introduces it’s HiBed Smart Bed.

where you can enjoy a new concept of lifestyle like a sci-fi Hollywood movie and that gives you all comfort.

This bed is very futuristic with its unique design and technology that makes your life experience better.

This futuristic bed design by the Italian architect and designer Fabio Vinella.

He gave HiBed a trendy and futuristic look that always want to you stay in bed all day long.

Features of this smart bed

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• If you love to watch Netflix or Movie on the bed then this futuristic bed gives you a better experience to watch your favourite movie and web series

on 70” screen by the help of 4k Hd projector with the inbuilt speaker. Now, you don’t need to sit right in front of a massive screen for your favourite web series.

• HiBed smart bed gives you privacy blinds As well as the best thing is that these privacy blinds are automated,

you don’t need to operate it manually.

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• As we all know smart lighting is on the top if we talk about futuristic Interior or even most of the Interior designer always suggest to go through smart lighting feature so why does this smart bed stay behind.

You can experience in this futuristic bed of automation lighting system along with under bed ambient lighting that can be used when you are asleep.

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• This amazing smart bed gives you an option to have wake up naturally with the help of lighting,

and this way is much more interesting to greet your day as opposed to nasty alarms.

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• The smart bed gives you a path with the help of sensor light,

for instance in the night you get up from your bed for going to bathroom light will be on.

• If you are a book lover and always loves to read the book so this smart and futuristic bed gives you reding light.

It gives you a better lighting experience rather than the bedside lamp. This futuristic bed gives you a retractable workstation installed on the bed according to proper anthropometry.

This function is a great solution for those people who are bedridden and still want to be work mentally.

• This futuristic and luxury bed gives you an automated adjustable head along with footrest that helps you to sleep, watch your favourite web series and work comfortably.

•If you are a music lover then, this amazing smart bed gives you an invisible speaker with ambient music while you are trying to fall asleep.

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• This smart bed is capable to track your sleeping patterns as well as can measure your body weight.

• If we talk about the room environment so, this bed can also monitor room temperature, humidity, air quality along with noise level.

• This bed feature voice assistant and the great thing is that Smart bed can work offline also.

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• This Smart bed can be customised according to your Interior theme and colours used on your wall.

• This Smart and futuristic bed can be operated by touch board located at the head of the bed and you can also connect this futuristic bed with multi-platform web control apps.

and the best thing is that if you have an apple watch so it can support this HiBed.

• This HiBed is available on pre-order on the high interior website although the actual price for early bird is 18,000 EUR or INR 14,00,000 approx.

This luxury bed can reach your sleeping experience to the next level.

I hope this article gives you all the details of this futuristic bed if you have any question you can comment us below.

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