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FIFA World Cup 2022, Best Football Tournament

As we all know Football is the world’s famous sports and Cricket comes in second. In 2018 you have seen lot’s of celebrity was enjoying FIFA 2018 in Russia and now FIFA 2022 is going to host in Qatar and it will be 22nd FIFA world cup edition.

Here I am going to share you some frequency asked questions’ answer to know more about FIFA and FIFA World Cup 2022

What is FIFA?

Fédération Internationale de Football Association international governing body of football, beach soccer, efootball and futsal.

This world cup is the world’s very popular football cup organise after every four years. FIFA was founded in the year 1904 in Paris, France.

When was first FIFA world cup organised?

The first FIFA world cup was organised in Uruguay in 1930 and there had played a total 18 number of matches by 13 teams. Uruguay was a champion of 1930 FIFA cup and Argentina as runners-up.

Where will be the FIFA World Cup 2022 is going to happen?

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FIFA 2022 is going to happen in Qatar from 21st November to 18 November.

Qatar is the smallest country as well as the first west Asian Nation country to host FIFA World Cup 2022.

This nation also promised to host a FIFA like no other,

Where was the last World Cup organised?

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The last FIFA World Cup was organised in 2018 in Russia and it was 21st FIFA Cup.

There were 32 teams and a number of matches were a total number of 64.

In world cup Russia 2018 more than 3,031,700 spectators came to watch this world cup.

France is champion and Croatia was a runner-up of FIFA World Cup 2018.

Host City Of FIFA World Cup 2022


Al Khor is one of the oldest city in Qatar

Name of Stadium: Al Bayt Stadium

City Established: 1785

Populations: 31,547

Distance From Doha: 60KM


Al Wakrah is the largest and as well as the oldest city in Qatar

Name of Stadium: Al Janoub Stadium

City Established:1828

Populations: 141,222

Distance From Doha: 17 km


it is the main city for FIFA 2022 attraction because 6 stadium venue is in Doha along with this is the best place for tourist as well as.

Stadium names: Al Rayyan Stadium, Al Thumama Stadium, Education City Stadium, Khalifa International Stadium, Lusail Stadium, Ras Abu Aboud Stadium

City Established: 1686

Population: 2,382,000

Who hold the most FIFA World Cup titles?

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Brazil holds a total number of 5 FIFA world cup titles and along with Germany and Italy comes in second with a total number of 4 FIFA world cup title.

The number of team in Qatar World Cup 2022?

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There will be 32 total number of team in FIFA 2022.

Total Number of Matches

There will be a total of 65 number of matches and will be playing in 8 to 12 venues.

Which stadium will host the opening and final match?

Lusail Stadium will host first and final FIFA world cup 2022.

Which is the largest stadium of FIFA world cup?

Lusail Stadium is the largest stadium for FIFA 2022 that has the average capacity of 47,500 seats and largest capacity of 80,000 seats.

What is the average number of matches per venue?

There will be a 5.4 to 8.1 average number of matches per venue for FIFA 2022.

Some UnKnown Fact about FIFA World Cup

1. Uruguay was a first country who host the first FIFA World Cup in the year of 1930 and as well as Uruguay was a winner.

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2. In 1966, an incident came of stolen FIFA world cup by someone but eventually recovered and on the contrary of FIFA World Cup, The Jules Rimet Trophy was given to World Cup Champion.

3. Did you know? Mexico is holding records for the most number of FIFA world cup losses with 25 but Mexico also won 14 and 14 draws in the world cup.

4. Germany player Thomas Müller has the most number of world cup goal out of currently active players.

5. India has a rumour in 1950 India for withdrew from FIFA world cup because Indian players don’t have shoes and they didn’t allow to play barefoot.

But this was not true because India doesn’t want to play in FIFA world cup 1950.

6. Iceland is the smallest country that played in FIFA world cup 2018. Iceland has only 3.64 lakh population till 2019.

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7. A retired French player Just Fontaine has a record for the most number of goals during a single FIFA world cup tournament. In 1958 he made 13 goals.

8. Did you know in 2026, there will be 48 teams players in FIFA World Cup 2026 and 2026 FIFA tournament will be likely to be host by Morocco or North America.

9. The winner of FIFA 2018 has won $38 million in prize money.

10. FIFA world cup is the world’s largest sporting event and cricket comes in the second position.

11. At the time of FIFA world cup many coaches and team managers restricted for sexual intercourse while the FIFA world cup is running.

We have an example of such countries like Germany, Spain, Chile and Mexico.

12. Did you know FIFA world cup causes pregnancies?

It can be funny but as per the report in 2006 Germany host FIFA world cup and after 9 months 10% of a birth rate increase in Germany.

It happened because when people in joy and especially a women release happy hormones that make it easier for them to get pregnant.

13. A total number of 17 nations has been hosted since beginning and it’s include

Uruguay, Switzerland, Italy, South Africa, West Germany, Brazil, Sweden, Chile, England, Mexico, Argentina, France, United States of America, South Korea, Japan, Germany and Russia.

14. Approx three million bottles of alcohol drank at the time of FIFA world cup 2010 hosted in South Africa.

Thanks for reading this article on FIFA world cup 2022.

if you have any questions you can comment us below and you can connect us on Instagram as well as. And want’s to know more about FIFA world cup Qatar 2022 click here. If you want to know about the master tournament click here.


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