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Donald Trump, One of The Wealthiest President In The History Of US

Donald Trump is 45th president of the world’s number one ranking economy United States. He is an owner of world-famous real estate mogul and former television personality of reality shows.

Real Name: Donald John Trump

Nickname: • The Donald

• Conspiracy Theorist-in-Chief

• President Snowflake

•  Snowflake-in-Chief

Born: 14 June 1946

Age: 73 year

Birth Place: Queens, New York City

Profession: Politician, Businessman

Height: 6’3” (1.91m)

Citizenship: American

Residence: President Donald Trump has seven residence

• White House (Official)

• Mar-a-Lago (personal)

•  Beverly Hills

•  Seven Springs

• Trump Parc

• Trump Park Avenue

• Trump Tower Penthouse

Incumbent: • Assumed Office- 20 January 2017

• Preceded by- Barack Obama

Political Party: • Republican 1987-99, 2009-11, 2012-present.

   • Democratic until 1987, 2001-2009

  • Reform 1999-01

  •  Independent 2011-12

Spouse(s): • Ivana Zelnickova

(Married 1977, Divorce 1992)

•  Marla Maples

(Married 1993, Divorce 1999)

• Melania Knauss

 (Married 2005)

Children: Donald Jr., Ivanka, Eric, Tiffany, Barron.

Parents: • Fred Trump

     • Mary Anne MacLeod

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

School: • Kew-Forest School, New York

• New York Military Academy, Cornwall, New York (1959)

College/University: • Fordham University, New York (1964)

• Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania (1966)

Educational Qualifications: • Graduation from the Fordham University

• Bachelor of Science in Economics from Wharton

Religion: Presbyterian

Hobbies: Playing Golf

Food Habit: Non-Vegetarian

Siblings: Trump Brothers

   • Fred Trump Jr. (Elder, Departed by alcoholism)

   • Robert Trump (He is a Younger brother and Businessman)

Trump Sisters

   •  Maryanne Trump Barry ( she is eldest and American Attorney and former US Circuit Judge)

   • Elizabeth Trump Grau (ELder: Retired Bank Executive)

Net Worth: the US $ 3.2 Billion till march 2019.

Impeachment:    • Early Efforts

     • Trump-Ukraine Scandal

   • Inquiry and Hearing

   •  Senate Trial

Donald John Trump’s Childhood and Education


Current President of The United States Mr Donald John Trump was born on 14 June 1946 in Queens, New York City. Donald Trump completed his bachelor’s degree in economics from one of the worlds top business school Wharton.

In his early age, Donald Trump used to misbehave with others than his father sends him to military school, as a result, Donald Trump behaviour had become appreciable.

After completing his schooling Donald went Wharton School and completed his bachelor degree. His father Fred Trump was real estate businessman.

Donald Trump’s Grandfather


Frederick Trump had earned all the things by his hard work. His grandfather has seen lots of up and downs in his life.

His grandfather belonged to a farmer family and dependent on grapes farming. He has a health problem that’s why he could not helps his family then in 1883 then he started working in a salon.

In 1885 he decided he should do something else and he left a letter for his family and went to America.

In America, he started work as a barber in a salon. He had stabled financially here and he was thinking that the US is a great place for him to become successful.

In 1891 he went to Seattle and he purchased a property in $600 then started a restaurant business. His restaurant was growing day by day and in 1892 he got US citizenship.

After some time he heard about John Rockefeller a big businessman. John is going to investing in oil mining in Monte Cristo. Frederick sold his restaurant at a good price and went here to start a restaurant in the town.

He found a good place for his new restaurant but the place was own by Nicholas Rudebeck and Frederick Trump had no money to purchase the land and build a restaurant at a once.

Then he got an idea he claimed mining rights on particular land and he got permission for gold-digging. But Frederick Trump can not build here restaurant without permission of Nicholas Rudebeck.

Then he ha thought to do mining. After negotiation with a local official, he put his name into local directors real estate section.

In 1896 he heard a rumour about gold found in Canada’s Yukon and he went there and opened an arctic restaurant here. This restaurant had given lots of ROI.

In 1901 he sold this restaurant and went his home and tied not with Elizabeth a daughter of his neighbour.

In 1902 both of them came to New York. Frederick was living with his wife and his three children.

In 1918 Frederick Trump was deceased by a Spanish flue. His business was around half millions of dollars at that time.

After the death of Frederick Trump, his business was continued by wife Elizabeth.

She hired contractors and started building a house in empty land that was purchased by Frederick. Elizabeth’s son Fredrick started helping his mother from at the age of 15 years. Ater this Fredrick who was a father of Mr Donald Trump was expanding his business day by day.

Donald Trump’s Entry In The Real Estate


When Donald Trump was in college he was giving time to his father’s business. Donald elder brother was a pilot so he has to operate his father business in his early age.

At the time of starting Donald John Trump had taken 1 million loans from his father and started working on real estate business.


After some time when he was operating his father business, he changed his father organisation name as “Trump Organisation”.


Since 1971 he started expanding his business and now they are building skyscrapers like Hotels, Casinos, Golf Course.


Trump opened a new gate and enter in the Entertainment and merchandise industry. His organisation built famous skyscrapers like Trump Tower, Trump Palace, Trump International Hotel Tower, Trump World Tower, Trump Taj Mahal and many more.

As he was going very fastly towards success suddenly Trump organisation was failing down even Donald Trump’s, Trump Castle, Trump Plaza, Trump Taj Mahal and many other companies filed for bankruptcy but after negotiating with the bank he had come out from bankruptcy.

After some time with the help of his hard work and strong strategies once again his company going to the peak.

After some sometimes he started expanding his business in other countries like India, Turkey, Philippines and become a billionaire.

Donald Trump also focused on the entertainment industry and hosted “The Apprentice” reality shows. Mr Trump was also the producer of these shows.

Donald Trump The Art Of The Deal


Mr Donald Trump has written the book “Trump The Art Of The Deal” and become a bestseller of the New York Times. The best thing is that about this book, Donald Trump established a Donald J. Trump Foundation and all the profit comes after this book given to the Donald J. Trump Foundation.

Donald Trump’s Spouses


Ivana Trump

Donald Trump married his first wife Ivana Trump in 1977. Now, She is an American businesswoman. At the time of their marriage, she was a model.

Ivana Trump and Donald divorced in 1991. Apart from this, they have three children together Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump and Eric Trump.

Ivanka Trump is a senior advisor of President Donald Trump.


Marla Maples

She was a second wife of US president Mr Donald Trump. Both married in 1993. Marla Maples is an actress and a famous television personality of US.

Tiffany Trump is a daughter of Marla Maples and Donald Trump. In 1997 Donal Trump filed for divorce and in June 1999 both are separated with the prenuptial agreement of $2million given to her.


Melania Trump

Mr Donald Trump married Melania a former Slovenian model in 2005 with a highly-publicized and epic wedding.

Donald Trump is a more than 23 years senior of Melania. In their wedding, many famous personalities had come like Former President Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and many more.

Donald Trump Net Worth

Trump’s Net Worth has been always a subject of public debate because Donald Trump has not released his tax returns publicly.

Even the world’s 3rd richest man Mr Warren Buffet challenge and invited him to release his tax return publicly. But in the end, Mr Donald not accepted Mr Warren Buffet invitation.

It is not exactly possible to determine Donald Trump Net Worth. According to the Forbes net worth of US president, Mr Donald Trump is $3.1 billion till March 2019.

He is one of the wealthiest president of the US in history. Before Mr Donald Trump, the former president George Washington was the wealthiest president of US, but Donald is a 6times wealthiest as compare to George Washington.

Donald Trump Houses

President Donald Trump is holding seven residence

• White House (Official)

•  Mar-a-Lago (personal)

• Beverly Hills

•  Seven Springs

• Trump Parc

• Trump Park Avenue

• Trump Tower Penthouse

Donald Trump’s Cars

• Mercedes-Benz S600

• Cadillac Escalade

• Tesla Roaster

• Chevy Camaro Indy 500 Pace Car

• 1965 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud

• Mercedes-Maybach S600

• Cadillac Allante

Donald Trump Bike Collection


Custome-made 24 karat Gold Orange Country Chopper

Donald Trump Collection of Airplane/Helicopter

Unknown Fact Of Donald Trump

   • Mr Donald Trump is 3rd president in America’s history to be impeached and he is the oldest president of the United States.

   • His mother had immigrated to the US in 1930 from scots and used to work as a domestic servant.

   • Donald Trump was a send to military school in his 10 year age for his misbehave.

   • Donald Trump grandfather Mr Fredrick Trump had faced lots of struggle in his life.

   • Mr Trump has launched his brand of vodka “Trump’s Vodka” with the slogan “Success Distilled” in 2005 and he also launches a brand for bottled water with the name of “Trump Ice”.

   • He is a big fan of World Wrestling Entertainment(WWE) and a good friend of WWE owner Mr Vince McMahon.

   • US President Donald Trump is wealthiest president of United State in history of US president after George Washington.

   • He has also star on the “Hollywood Walk of Fame”.

   • He is a member of the “Screen Actors Guild” and also nominated for an “Emmy Award” for two times.

   • Mr Trump has a phobia does not like to shake hands and the phobia is called Germaphobe.

   • He sued to Bill Maher who is a famous American Comedian, politician commentator and a television host for calling Donald’s father Monkey.

   • Trump doesn’t drink alcohol and his elder brother was died by the alcoholism in 1982.

   • Currently, the US president has 7 residencies.

   • Do you know he gets his haircuts from his wife Melania?

   • At least 24 women have accused Donald Trump over the last 30 year for inappropriate sexual behaviour.

   • His Donald J. Trump Foundation was shut down by NY state Attorney General’s office in 2013.

   • US president is an owner of around 18 Golf courses around the world and Golf is his favourite games.

   • He played a cameo role in the Home Alone2: Lost in New York.


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