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Bhuvan Bam (BB KI VINES), India’s best YouTuber

This is a biography of India’s 2nd top YouTuber Bhuvan Bam. Know A to Z of his journey from singing at the hotel too became a YouTube superstar.

Real Name: Bhuvaneshawar Bam

Born: 22 January 1994

Age: 26year.

Birth Place: Baroda, Gujarat, India

Nationality: Indian

Occupation: Youtuber, Actor, Comedian, Singer, Guitarist

Year of active: 2015-present

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Educational: Shaheed Bhagat Singh College (BA)

Height: 5ft and 7inch

Weight: 64kg

Hobbies: Making Youtube Videos, Composing Songs, Playing the Guitar, Singing.

Marital Status: Unmarried

Youtube Subscriber: 16.2 Million on 155 Videos

Net Worth: $2.8Million

Childhood & Education of Bhuvan Bam

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This man born on 22 January 1994 in a Maharashtrian middle-class family in Gujrat, later on, Bhavan Bam family moved to Delhi and he did his schooling from Green Fields School in Delhi, he also holds BA degree from Shaheed Bhagat Singh College. He always entertained his friends by his sense of humour.

Early Life and Struggle

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Bhuvan Bam always wanted to become a singer but like many families, his family also don’t want their child to make their career in singing because they believed singing is not made for a middle-class family and children should concentrate on study till their graduation complete and then if they want to follow the passion they can. Bhuvan bam didn’t like study but always want to do something big in his life.

When Bhuvan bam was completing his graduation, in his first year he started a night job as a singer at a Mughlai restaurant in Delhi. This man was very passionate about singing, he learned to play the guitar with the help of youtube because his family was not supporting him for singing.

His very first video uploaded on Facebook about sarcastic video regarding a news reporter who was asking insensitive questions of her dead son in Kashmir floods and this video gained 15,000 views. After the video, Bhuvan Bam inspired to the added new videos.

On 21st June 2015, Bhuvan bam started his YouTube channels and added a funny video shoot by his cellphone front camera but he didn’t gain any response but he never stopped and continuously shoot his four funny videos and uploading on YouTube channel.

One day his one video gained 15 likes then Bhuvan Bam motivates and Uploading more videos on his BB Ki Vines YouTube Channel.

One day one of his video viral in one of the University of Pakistan and people started to subscribe his YouTube channel from that day Bhuvan Bam never see back and continuously follow his passion and become India’s 2nd top YouTuber star.

Love & Dating or Married?

Bhuvan Bam revealed in his interview that he is dating a girl from a long time he didn’t tell her name yet because he said her family don’t know about their relationship you can see his interview in an episode of ‘By Invite Only’.

Net Worth of Bhuvan

His total net worth in 2020 is estimated to be $2.8 million and in Indian currency is around 15Crore INR. Bhuwan majorly earns from his YouTube channels “BB Ki Vines”, Acting, Events, Shows and Ads.

House Tour of Bhuvan Bam

Bhuwan is living in Delhi where he grew up and still he shoots his video at his home you can see his home below:-

Awards won by Bhuvan

1. In the year of 2016, he won WebTVAsia Awards in the category of Most Popular Channel on YouTube In South Korea.

2. In 2019 he won Official Instagram Awards in the category of Entertainer of the Year in Mumbai India.

3. In the year of 2019, he won World Bloggers Awards in the category of Global Entertainer of the year in Cannes, France.

4. Again In 2019, he won Film Fare Awards in the category of the Best short film ‘Plus-Minus’.

The best short film of Bhuvan Bam

The award-winning short film is ‘Plus-Minus’. Cast by Bollywood actress Diviya Dutt & Bhuvan Bam as two strangers, two perspectives, a cup of tea and an overnight train journey that will change the way we look at life forever.

Top Unkown fact of Bhuvan Bam

1. If you are going to search his first video on YouTube so please don’t waste your time he already deleted his first video “The Chakna Issue”.

2. He has been associated with The Viral Fever web series.

3. Before becoming a YouTuber he worked in a restaurant in Delhi when he was in the 1st year of his college and performed as a singer.

4. In 2020 Bhuvan Bam became India’s second superstar of YouTube and Amit Badana is still holding the first position in YouTube.

5. Bhuvan Bam is a good example of collaborations with other YouTuber. We can see him in a lead role in the viral fever, Sab group and Bhuvan also invites other Youtuber to his channel. Bhuvan also launches a asli holi baaz video with Ashis chanchlani a another famous youtuber.

6. Bhuvan Bam is fond of singing and he has launched his own original songs Ajnabee that cross 11M views in just 4 months.

Brand Endorsement by Bhuvan Bam

Bhuvan bam currently associated with six brands are as follow:-

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1. Arctic Fox:- Bhuvan is first Brand Ambassador of  Arctic Fox and Arctic Fox belongs to Backpack industry.

2. Beardo:- Bhuvan is also Brand Ambassador of Beardo and this is a Men’s Grooming Brand.

3.LensKart:- Bhuvan is the first Male brand Ambassador of LensKart and LensKart is popular for his spectacles.

4.Mivi: He is also the first Brand Ambassador of Mivi and this company make earphones, charges etc.

5. Tasty Treats:- again Bhuvan is first Brand Ambassador of Tasty Treats dealing in Ready To Eat food.

6. Tissot:- he is also Brand Ambassador of Tissot dealing in a Swiss luxury watch.

Pizza Hut Campaign with Bhuvan Bam

7. Pizza Hut:-Pizza Hut has made a very interesting and fun campaign with youtube superstar Bhuvan Bam and with the tagline “Pizza Hut Jayenge 99 me khawenge”. This campaign is very funny as Bhuvan Bam in his vines.

BB Ki Vines Character

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Bhuvan Bam has many faces in his BB ki Vines YouTube channel a list of his characters that Bhuvan Bam has created in his channels are as follow:-

Banchod Das Chatriwala:- this character is also known as Bsnchoo and problem creator and also the best friend of BB’s.

2.Sameer Fuddu: he is the third Musketeer of his channel.

3. Babluji:- This character is also known as papa, who is an Innocent, middle-class family man and always believes on his son.

4. Mummy:- This character is excitable, typical homemaker and always try to speak in English.

5. Titu Mama:- This character is Mummy’s brother and Titi Mama is a goon who takes everyone’s case.

6. Angry Materji:- this man is Bhuvan and Bancho’s class teacher.

7.Hola: Hola is the villain of the “BB ki Vines”.

I hope the biography of Bhuvan Bam will inspire you to do consistently hard work in your field and you will definitely get success. Similarly, if you want to know the biography of other personality you can go in in the menu section and give a right path to your life and if you have any questions you can comment us below and you can also follow us on our Instagram channel where daily I post knowledgable content that will help you to build your knowledge and better personality thank you so much.


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